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Tsomgo Lake
Tsomgo Lake
Lakes located at high altitudes are beautiful and mesmerising and compels one to ponder about the wonders of the nature. Tsongmo Lake or Changu Lake, is one such lake located at an altitude of 12400 ft above the sea level i.e around 3755 meters. This sacred lake is around 40 kms from Gangtok and it takes 3 hours to reach by Road. The oval shaped lake is of around 1.08 km in length and around 0.46 in breadth. The Local people consider it a holy Lake.

It is exclusively the home of Brahminic ducks apart from migratory birds. If visited in May and August, tourist may see a large variety of flowers in bloom like the Rhododendrons, primulas, blue and yellow poppies etc. It is also the habitat of the Red Pandas. Foreign tourists are allowed only in groups of two or more.

Tsongmo Lake has a great biological and environmental importance. Seasonal snow and rain are the main source of the water. Since it is located very near to the state capital, Gangtok, it is a major tourist destination receiving around 3 lakh visitors both domestic and international in peak tourist season. The lake also serves as an important source of livelihood for the locals of near by villages. The surrounding mountains add ethereal beauty to the lake, which remains frozen during December to March.


The name Tsomgo or TSO GO meaning “above the lake” was given by the Yak horders. As per an old folk tale, the lake was in a place called Laten in older times and the place where the lake is today was actually a “Goth” (cattle shed), where the hoarders kept their yaks,

One night an old women in her dreams was told to leave the place as it would be filled with water. The next morning, she warned all hoarders friends, but they refused to believe her. However, she left the village and as she left, she saw a lady with flowing hair, believed to be the Guardian Deity of the lake enter the valley and soon the place was filled with water and Tsomgo Lake was formed.

The other hoarders, however, perished in the water along with the herds of Yak.

Zuluk Fact File
  • Located an altitude of 3000 meters(10000 ft)
  • Close to Indo-China Border

Zuluk Weather
  • October to February — winter, cold and snow
  • March to May —Pleasant cold
  • June to September — the monsoon season, Cold and Beautiful
Monsoon visits are spectacular.
Tsomgo Lake
Tsomgo Lake
Tsomgo Lake
Tsomgo Lake
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